4-Week Emergency Fund Challenge!

Are your aging parents – or you! – living on a financial knife’s edge? The first line of defense is to build and grow an emergency fund.


The 4-Week Emergency Fund Challenge is designed to kick anyone’s Emergency Fund into high gear, whether it’s for your aging parents or for you!

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It’s a simple system of once-weekly reminders and encouragement in your email inbox for the 4 weeks of the Challenge. There’s no specific start date, so you can take the Challenge anytime that works for you.

Decide Your Challenge Goal

How much would you like to save over the next 4 weeks? Pick an amount that fits into your budget, but make it a tight fit! Don’t cut any necessary expenses, but consider sacrificing anything you could live without during the short 4 weeks of this Challenge, for the sake of your Emergency Fund.

Because we want to keep things simple and private, we don’t need to know what your specific Challenge Goal amount is. We’ll be using percentages (25%, 50%, etc.) to help you track your progress (instead of your specific Goal amount).

Divide Your Challenge Goal

Next, divide your Challenge Goal into quarters, so you know how much you need to save each week.

Start Saving!

Once you sign up to take the Challenge, you’ll soon get a Welcome email (don’t forget to check your junk mailbox, just in case). After that, you’ll receive 1 email every week over the next 4 weeks, reminding you to save into your Emergency Fund. We will also encourage you with a status bar showing your weekly progress and help you along with a savings tip here and there.

Sign Up to Take the Challenge!

Enjoy the Challenge!

*Note that you will also be part of our regular email list, which means you’ll receive our usual correspondence, like notifications of new articles and tools. We don’t send much email, so we won’t be jamming your inbox or anything (see our Join Us! page for details).

Come Back and Share Your Successes and Struggles!

One of our goals here at A&L is to help you and your aging parents live better and feel supported, and financial (in)security is a huge concern for many of us! So if you take the 4-Week Emergency Fund Challenge, we would love to hear how it’s going and how it went when you finish. Share your successes and struggles below by leaving a reply:

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