Holiday Decorate!

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Holiday Decorate! is a holiday-themed activity game designed for people with moderate or severe dementia, such as Alzheimer’s.


Holiday Decorate! is a casual mobile activity game designed primarily for people with moderate or advanced dementia (such as Alzheimer’s). It could also be appropriate for folks with slight tremors or other minor or moderate motor skill impairments, such as those associated with Parkinson’s.

In Holiday Decorate!, the player taps brightly-colored bulb ornaments to collect them. After collecting enough bulbs in each level, they are rewarded with a new and colorful decoration. After completing all the levels and filling the room with decorations, the player wins!

  • Free to download and DOES NOT INCLUDE ADS that interrupt the player experience (nor will it ever include ads in the future!).
  • To control or mute the volume of the background music, simply use your iPad/iPhone’s volume buttons.
  • Optimized for larger iPad screens, but still fully functional on smaller iPhone screens, including the new iPhone X series phones.

Privacy Policy

We’ve developed Holiday Decorate! in honor of my late maternal Grandmother, Erena, who suffered with Alzheimer’s during the last years of her life. She was the original inspiration for creating it.


If you have questions or feedback about the Holiday Decorate! game, please fill in the message form below. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

Holiday Decorate! DevLog

{13 November 2018} We now have a release date for A&L Studio’s first-ever app! Holiday Decorate! will be available on Apple’s App Store on Thanksgiving Day, 22 November 2018! Shortly we will be publishing a dedicated webpage for Holiday Decorate! and moving this DevLog over to there, so stay tuned for that.

We are very excited to soon be taking this first big step for our fledgling tech studio! And, we are extremely grateful to all who’ve helped and supported us along the way, especially our Beta Testers. Thank you all so much!  –Melanie


{07 November 2018} Amazing News! Holiday Decorate! has been approved for release on the App Store!  😀  😀  😀

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{06 November 2018} Beta Testing has now been closed! Thank you to all of our great testers!

And, the final title of the game will be “Holiday Decorate!”. We have also made a few updates since the test version, including a complete re-design of the game’s icon:

Artemis and Leto, Artemis & Leto, A&L Studio, Holiday Decorate!, Christmas game, Alzheimer's, dementia, Parkinson's, holiday game

Revised Holiday Decorate! Icon

Finally, just moments ago we submitted Holiday Decorate! to the App Store! Fingers crossed!


{01 November 2018} I am very happy to report that we now have a complete and fully functional activity game app!  🙂  Phew!

We will be starting Beta Testing very soon, so if you are interested and have access to an Apple iPhone or iPad, just sign up using the form below [11/06/2018: testing has now been closed]. We are also looking to give our holiday-themed activity game its final name (“Holiday Unwrap” was the working title), so if you do become one of our testers, you’ll have the chance to vote on the game’s final name!  😀


{29 October 2018} I have another Behind-the-Scenes update! It’s been a battle, but I finally have a prototype of my level controller working!

The level controller has to do several critical things: First, it “looks” to see which level the player is currently on. It then “watches” the player’s activities – in this case, it monitors how many bulbs the player has tapped in the level so far. Then, based on what’s required to successfully complete the level, it “notices” when these requirements have been met and then – finally – it displays the player’s prize for that level and progresses the game to the next level. Although I have not yet completed creating all the rewards for the various levels, I have the core functionality for the level controller working, as seen in this little video clip I’ve made (just below).

I have also added a visual effect and a sound effect to indicate that a bulb has been successfully tapped (you may have to unmute/turn up your device’s volume to hear the sound effect in the video). Enjoy!


{23 October 2018}  I have just completed building out the gameplay for Level 1!  🙂  I’ve included a little video clip here (just below) showing how Level 1 will likely work (I’m still musing on how the different levels will be designed). In this clip, Level 1 gameplay works like this: Tap an ornamental bulb of any color to decorate the blank tree.

Then, also in this clip, a test/prototype Level 2 is set up: The successfully decorated tree from Level 1 is replaced by a gold-colored tree, which indicates that the player should tap a gold-colored bulb in order to decorate the tree and complete the level.


{19 October 2018}  After quite a few attempts at building out the type of bulb roll movement and pattern of bulb appearance that I wanted, I have been unsuccessful. It’s just a bit above my skill level at the moment, and that’s OK. So…I’ve re-conceptualized a new bulb movement, where they sort of fall from the ceiling and then bounce/float in a low-gravity environment, eventually settling onto the floor (check out the short video clip below).

Not only was I able to actually build out this new bulb movement, but it also allows for a wider range of dementia/motor-coordination levels; in that, less severely impaired players can tap the bulbs earlier while they are a little faster, and more severely impaired players have the option of waiting a bit to tap them until they slow down or come to a stand-still there on the floor.

Also notice in the bottom left-hand portion of the video clip that when I tap a bulb, a little message appears “***interaction function has been started”, but when I tap anything else, no message appears. This is a test to confirm that the tapping functionality is indeed built out correctly and functioning as intended. Just a little “behind the scenes” for you nerdy types.  🙂


{16 October 2018}  We’ve just finished building (coding) the rolling of the ornamental bulb in Holiday Unwrap. This is part of the game’s core functionality. We’ve used a “physics world” to add a realistic feel to the bulb’s movements. We’ve made a short Behind-the-Scenes video clip of the ornamental bulb rolling off the table and across the floor:


{11 October 2018}  Here’s a little teaser about how Holiday Unwrap will be played: Ornamental bulbs will slowly roll off of a table and onto the floor, where they will continue to roll. The player simply has to tap the bulb before it rolls off the screen…  In future DevLog (Development Log) entries, we’ll talk more about what happens when a bulb is tapped, along with the game-play of the different levels. Stay tuned!


{09 October 2018}  We’ve been busy working on Holiday Unwrap, our current iPhone/iPad activity game project for folks with dementia/Alzheimer’s. We have most of the artwork done, so we thought we’d give you a preview of the general look and style. We’ll share more about how the game will likely be played in future updates. Enjoy!

A&L Studio, Holiday Unwrap, Alzheimer's activities

General Art Style of Holiday Unwrap, an iPhone/iPad Activity Game for Folks with Dementia/Alzheimer’s


{24 September 2018}  We have decided to get started on our second attempt at building a publishable app. After doing some research and brainstorming some ideas, we are pleased to announce our new project! It’s a simple, holiday-themed game designed for people with a moderate- to advanced-level of dementia/Alzheimer’s (and similar conditions). We are tentatively calling it Holiday Unwrap! Given the estimated design and build time, we thought a holiday-themed game would be a good idea. We have also decided to include folks with less severe dementia in our intended audience, while keeping it simple enough to potentially be appropriate for folks with more advanced symptoms. My Mom and I are both very excited about this new app project! We will keep you posted as we progress!