Fish Scene (Unsuccessful App for iPhone/iPad)

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For posterity, here’s the Development Log (DevLog) for our first ever attempt at making a published iPhone/iPad app. We think it’s important to keep this around, so that we (an anyone else) might mine it for lessons learned as we work on future app projects.

Fish Scene DevLog

{22 September 2018As I mentioned yesterday, Apple has rejected Fish Scene again. This is disappointing (again), but we don’t think it’s appropriate for our intended audience to make things more complicated by adding more features just to satisfy Apple. Unfortunately, it seems that Fish Scene just isn’t a good match for what Apple wants on the App Store, so we think we will shelve it and start another project, one that can be a little more complex in nature. This will (we presume) help satisfy Apple’s dislike of “minimal content/features.” We are thinking a simple game of some kind. After all, they’ve approved games designed simple enough for cats to play, for flip’s sake! This means we are going to have to create something for a different audience, something for people with less severe dementia/Alzheimer’s, etc. So we’re going to chalk this one up to a lesson learned. Thanks to everyone, especially our awesome testers!, for your support and encouragement! Big hugs to all! –Melanie & Bernadette

P.S. Check this page often for updates on what will, no doubt, be a very exciting new app project!


{21 September 2018} Apple has rejected our app again, citing the same lack of usefulness. We have replied, asking for more specific guidance. We await their response. 


{20 September 2018} Testing for our revised Fish Scene app is now complete! A huge shout out to our excellent team of testers for this round! You all are the best! 


{19 September 2018} I wanted to take a moment to thank our first reviewer from Apple for their feedback (albeit rather vague feedback). Although disappointing at first of course, it spurred us to make improvements and learn a few new skills. 


{18 September 2018} Phew! We’ve done it! The re-design of Fish Scene is complete, and surprisingly sooner than we thought. We are now opening our second round of beta testing! Please join us (sign up above)! As a fun teaser, here’s a look at our new icon, featuring our fancy new fish:

“Fish Scene” Icon


{16 September 2018} After several brainstorming sessions with “the team” (my Mom and I) and a few long days building feature prototypes, we have a revised design for our Fish Scene app already in the works! In keeping with the potential needs of our primary audience (folks with advanced dementia, like Alzheimer’s), we have decided to add a simple interactive feature, which will be entirely optional for the viewer. Stay tuned for more details and teasers as we progress!


{12 September 2018} Unfortunately, Apple’s first-round review resulted in our app being rejected from the App Store because they found “the usefulness of your app is limited by the minimal amount of content or features it includes.” Despite minimalism being very much part of our design intention, given our primary audience, we will make an attempt to add something that might address this concern without interfering with its ease-of-use or soothing qualities. We will have to go back to the drawing board to see how we might accomplish this, so we may not be able to launch the app around 1 October as we had hoped. But, we will press on and do our best! Thanks for your support and patience! 


{11 September 2018} We just hit Apple’s “Submit for Review” button!  😀   In celebration, we wanted to share with you the name of our first ever iPhone/iPad app:

Fish Scene!

We’ll have more details as we head toward the app’s release. As a bonus, here’s part of Apple’s confirmation email, showing our app’s icon:

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{10 September 2018} We have officially finished beta testing! Thanks so much to all of our testers! Your feedback was wonderful and very helpful! We will now be polishing up the app and submitting it to Apple for their final Review. We will keep everyone posted as we firm up our app release date!


{05 September 2018} Our first app is currently in the midst of being tested! Thank you so much to everyone who’s given us feedback so far! We are solidly on track to release the app sometime around 1 October 2018. So, we thought we’d give you another little teaser with this seahorse here… Artemis & Leto, Artemis and Leto, A&L Studio, Fish Scene, iOS app, iPhone/iPad app, Alzheimer's app


{02 September 2018} We’re making serious progress on our first app! We’ve just cleared Apple’s Beta Testing Review process, so we’re now looking for a few willing testers! The total time commitment is approximately 5-10 minutes. If you’re interested, just let us know (use the form above).


{29 August 2018} Just a quick side note: Although our first app is primarily for folks in the later stages of Alzheimer’s (and the like), I think anyone who wants to bring a little calm and relaxation to their day might enjoy it. True Story: I have been finding myself running the prototype for far longer than is necessary for testing and bug fixing — It’s that soothing to me…


{27 August 2018} We are gearing up to launch our very first Apple iPhone/iPad app! We have a functional prototype and will soon start the external testing phase. We don’t want to give too much away so early, but we can tell you that it’s an app geared toward folks in the later stages of Alzheimer’s (and similar conditions). Creating apps for this particular audience is important to us because of my late Grandma (my Mom’s Mom), who found great comfort in various therapies/tools during the final stages of her Alzheimer’s. We thought it would be a good idea to try to give back a little.

Information about Fish Scene

Designed primarily for people with advanced dementia (such as Alzheimer’s), Fish Scene helps soothe and relax with colorful fish and calming underwater ambient sound.

Fish Scene is an app designed primarily for folks with advanced dementia (such as Alzheimer’s). With brightly colored fish and calming underwater ambient sound, it can help soothe and relax, while providing a completely optional interactive element – when the white fish appears, tap it to see it transform into a stunning tropical fish!

  • Free to download and DOES NOT INCLUDE ADS that interrupt the fish viewing experience (nor will it ever include ads in the future!).
  • Fully functional with purely optional interaction, so viewers can decide whether to just watch or be a more active participant.
  • Could also be used by anyone looking to bring some calm and relaxation to their day, perhaps during a meditation session.
  • To control or mute the volume of the ambient underwater soundscape, simply use your iPad/iPhone’s volume buttons.
  • Optimized for larger iPad screens, but still fully functional on smaller iPhone screens.
  • Future updates will include new and exciting fish with different behavior!

We’ve developed Fish Scene in honor of my late maternal Grandmother, Erena, who suffered with Alzheimer’s during the last years of her life. She was the original inspiration for creating it.

Get Fish Scene at the App Store (link NOT coming soon!)

If you have questions or feedback about the Fish Scene app, please fill in the message form below. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

Special thanks to ZapSplat for the sound tracks!