A&L Studios will now be Goose Hollow Studios!

Goose Hollow Studios

Announcement: A&L Studio will now be Goose Hollow Studios!

We are officially “shutting down” A&L, including the blog and A&L Studio. Although, A&L Studio will become Goose Hollow Studios, so that’s not really shutting down.

We want to focus on making awesome games and activities for seniors, including those with dementia (and other challenges). There’s just not time to keep up with the blog, so we apologize to our modest readership.

But we encourage you to check out Goose Hollow Studios (goosehollowstudios.com) over the coming months. The current website is only a placeholder for now, just to give people the gist. We will be making radical improvements to it in the future!

Thanks to everyone who’s read our articles over the past year! We never would’ve gotten so far in this adventure without your support and encouragement!

With love and appreciation,

Bernadette and Melanie

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