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I still write actual, paper letters with an actual, real-life pen when corresponding with close family members and very dear friends. But, I research and type up my articles using online tools.

As you all know, I’m in the early learning stages of getting proficient with technology. I still write actual, paper letters with an actual, real-life pen when corresponding with close family members and very dear friends. But, I research and type up my articles using online tools.

It Was all Greek to Me!

I remember about 25 years ago my then brother-in-law and his wife started their own business. They were planning on a paper filing system; however, after talking with other business owners, they decided to go the digital route.

Persuaded to move into the technical age, they signed up for night classes at the local vocational/technical school. I remember my brother-in-law talking about something called “Windows” and Microsoft “Office”. To me it was all Greek! I thought, Why are they putting themselves through all this stress of learning to use computers, and the jargon that goes with them? And, it did take them many classes to finally grasp the use of the technology.  

Cell Phones: Nemesis turned Friend

Now, whatever happened to using landline phones? These have gone the way of the dinosaurs. Of course, there are still a few around, but we’ve all had to move into cell phone usage. I bring this up because I, for one, was a big holdout on getting one of these “newfangled” contraptions. My daughters kept insisting I needed to get a cell phone, especially since I take road trips often enough to warrant one. And, they were right to be concerned about my not being able to call for help from my car in case of an emergency. So, after years of refusing to get a cell phone, I finally got one.

In fact, I found out I qualified for a no-frills, emergency cell phone plan due to my lower-income status. Now it’s the only phone I have (bye-bye landline!). It took me some practicing to become proficient in using my voice messaging feature. And learning how to text, well, that was a whole other source of frustration! It was literally over a year before I learned how to do this. At first, I thought this was a silly way to communicate with a phone, but now I love it!

For those of us in the “baby boomer” generation, all this new technology can seem very challenging indeed. For those folks in their late 70’s and older it might be extremely overwhelming! My mom refused to even consider having a cell phone in her house. She had a landline hanging on her kitchen wall to the day she died. When it came to computers, she couldn’t even conceive of such a “….crazy, idiotic device being used by anyone!” So, no, she was NOT a big fan of technology. I guess it’s genetic…?  🙂

Growing with the Tech Times

I know we all have to eventually move with the times. I’m glad there are classes offered to those of us who did not grow up with computer technology. Our kids and grandkids are lucky to be taught at a young age. Night classes for adults of all ages are offered at many high schools and public libraries, so if you are a bit older or are a bit intimidated by computers, check them out!

More New Tech Coming Up

Now that I’m feeling more comfortable with my computer (and tech in general), I’m eager to learn more. And I will be! We will soon be announcing some major changes to A&L and A&L Studio. These changes will allow me the chance to learn more. I’ll be learning how to post my own articles up on the website (my daughter says I’ll be learning something called “Wordpress”). I confess, I’m a little nervous. But, I’ve learned things like connecting to WiFi, using my A&L email, writing on Google Docs, talking on Skype, and using Trello. I think I’m ready for more.   

Together, let’s age boldly,


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