Alzheimer’s: Contemplations on Hope

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“As I set about writing this particular article about Alzheimer’s disease, I was of conflicting views.” —Bernadette

I’m quite conflicted about Alzheimer’s. My family has personally witnessed the cruel effects that Alzheimer’s had on my Mom, and in turn, impacted our entire family. Then again, on a more positive side, there is reason to hope.  

Alzheimer’s Hope: Be Proactive, and Soon

Mom had kept herself informed about the possibility that she might succumb to this disease, and, therefore, she remained quite proactive. She read all the latest health article in magazines and pamphlets from her doctor. She did all she reasonable could to help prevent Alzheimer’s. She kept herself active mentally and physically. For example, she always took a brisk 30-minute walk every evening. This was her routine until age 83 when she was no longer physically able to walk great distances. She also kept her mind very active with word search puzzles, latch hook rugs, painting-by-number art, and intricate 3-D jigsaw puzzles.

Additionally, she kept herself up-to-date on current events; she could discuss local, national, and world news often more deeply than I could! And, she loved music and sang along to all her favorite songs – she always remembered the words. Mom was also a wiz at Jeopardy. (We always teased her that she had a crush on Alex Trebek.) Even into her 80’s she had her “good days” and could do well playing along.

Because the first signs of the disease did not show up until she was in her early 80’s, it very well could be said she kept Alzheimer’s at bay for a few years. So, yes, this is a devastating disease, but with more research about prevention and “slowing down progression,” there is hope for those who suffer with Alzheimer’s. 

My next few articles will concentrate on some new research and medical information on possible prevention.      

I wish all my readers well, and let’s stay positive.

Together, let’s age boldly,


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