{Tech Thursday} Not Understanding Much at First is Normal When Learning iOS App Development

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Don’t be discouraged if everything looks like Ancient Sumerian cuneiform when you first start learning iOS app development. This is totally normal!

If you are brand new to computer programming (coding), this article is an emotional must-read.

I’m here to assure you that it’s perfectly normal to not have any idea what’s going on at first. And when I say “at first,” I mean for the first months, not days or weeks. This shit is strange and can be confusing. If you’ve ever tried to learn a different language, it’s very much like that.

It’s Like Learning a Foreign Language

At first, few if any of the words make sense. You surrender to learning by rote. But gradually, you start understanding a word here, a phrase there. Then you begin to see how they fit together, this noun with this verb acting on that object. Sentences spring to life and you start to know the phrase for “How are you?” is really made up of the words “how’z, goin’, the day?” You slowly but steadily walk into the dawn of comprehension. Before you know it you’re ordering coffee and a pretzel in Berlin or real dim-sum in Beijing.

Coding – unsurprisingly, it’s learning a language after all – follows very much this same style of learning curve. Things are quite obscure for awhile, slowly growing clearer the more you immerse yourself in it. Take comfort in this. You’ve likely had a foreign language class somewhere in your past. It’s not any more scary than that.

     —You’re Never Too Anything to Learn Tech

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