11 Creative and Special Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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If you’re anything like me, Mother’s Day sneaks up on you! This year is different: I’m planning ahead, so here’s my list of creative and special Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Hot on the heels of my Mom’s birthday, Mother’s Day comes at me fast and furious every year! What do I get her?!? And, because I live far away, can I get it to her on time?!? These Mother’s Day gift questions haunt me.

Not this year, my friends, because I’ve been brainstorming some unusual, off-beat, and often inexpensive gift options. See if any of them inspire you.

(Psst, don’t share this post with my Mom, she’s getting one of these this year…)

Mother’s Day Gift Idea No. 1:  Cook Her Favorite Meal

Your Mom probably made you a few meals in your lifetime, and nothing shows love like slaving away all day in a hot kitchen. Time to give some of that food-love back. If you’re a less-than-stellar cook, you could alternatively take her to her favorite restaurant, but you won’t get extra points for the sweat and tears of your own labor.

Mother’s Day Gift Idea No. 2:  Treat Her to a Special Spa Day

Only slightly creative, the spa day treat is a classic for a reason. Pampering looks good on everyone, and your Mom deserves it. And go with her, you deserve it, too.

Mother’s Day Gift Idea No. 3:  Join Her in a Gentle Yoga or Meditation Class

If your Mom likes group fitness classes at the YMCA, then joining her would make her day. Mother’s like to bond with their adult children, so spend some quality Salutation-to-the-Sun time with your Mom.

Mother’s Day Gift Idea No. 4: Take Her to a Cat Cafe

Maybe your Mom is a crazy cat lady like mine. Two words: Cat Café. Yes, a cat café, you heard me correctly. We have one here in Chicago called the Windy Kitty Cat Café*A&L is not affiliated with the Windy Kitty. I just wanted to link to it so you can see an example.

Mother’s Day Gift Idea No. 5:  Take Her on a Road Trip or Scenic Driving Tour

I don’t know of anyone who likes road trips more than my Mom. Maybe your Mom wants to pull a Kerouac and get On the Road as well. Why not plan a nice day or weekend trip to somewhere she’s never been? Plus, the fact that you’ve joined her will make it a memorable trip (unless you hate road trips, then it’ll be miserable for both of you, so maybe pick something else…).

Mother’s Day Gift Idea No. 6:  Buy Her a Top-Quality Carry-On

My Mom loves road trips (as you now know) and even takes the rare plane ride (often with my Aunt, who also loves to travel). Her current suitcase has seen better days, so it might be time for an upgrade. If your Mom is a traveler, you can’t go wrong with a top-notch carry-on.

Mother’s Day Gift Idea No. 7:  Take Her on a Wine, Beer, or Orchard Tour

I love all kinds of food and drink tours, so maybe this one is a not-so-subtle gift-to-myself situation. Regardless, what mother wouldn’t like to be driven from vineyard-to-vineyard, or sample a flight of microbrews, or fill bags and bags of heirloom apples (check out the Hood River Valley if you live in, or want to travel to, the Pacific Northwest U.S. – simply wonderful orchard touring out there!)? *Again, A&L is not affiliated with the Fruit Loop. I just wanted to link to it to show you one possible example.

Mother’s Day Gift Idea No. 8:  Try to Help Her Fulfill a Life-Long Dream

Have things in your Mom’s life gotten in the way of her fulfilling a life-long dream? For my Mom, it was marriage and kids. Don’t get me wrong, she says she loves us and of course doesn’t regret having a family so young, but…she admits (after a glass of a nice rosé on a warm summer evening) that she always wanted to go to college and become a writer. She’s been saying this for decades.

What’s your Mom’s dream, and is there anything you can do to help her live it? It doesn’t have to be the whole thing. A step in the right direction or even a symbolic gesture will likely make her deeply happy. Give it some thought – it could make you Child-of-the-Year.

Mother’s Day Gift Idea No. 9:  Make a Charitable Donation in Her Honor

Some mothers are super-givers. They like to volunteer and foster kittens for the Humane Society. For this mother-type, making a donation to her favorite charity might be a really great gift.

Mother’s Day Gift Idea No. 10:  Get Her a High-Quality Journal

As you know, my Mom loves to write, so she can never have too many good quality, bound journals. I personally try to look for ones that are made from eco-friendly/recycled paper. And why not throw in a fancy pen if you have the cash (I don’t, so it’s just the journal for my Mom).

Mother’s Day Gift Idea No. 11:  Interview Her with StoryCorps

You probably know this project from listening to NPR. But, if you are not familiar with StoryCorps: It’s a non-profit organization that aims to preserve average people’s stories. They do this by recording a conversation/interview between two people who know each other, with one asking questions to the other. For example, I might want to capture my Mom’s experiences as a caregiver to my Grandma, who had Alzheimer’s, by interviewing my Mom about it. This recording would then be archived at the U.S. Library of Congress.

A pretty unusual Mother’s Day gift, yes? You can either do the interview at a StoryCorps venue (throughout the U.S.), or use their StoryCorps App and record from anywhere. Oh, and you can also donate to them in your Mom’s name; thus, giving her two of the gifts on this list. Serious bonus points!

(Sorry to my non-U.S. readers, I think StoryCorps is just in the U.S. But, please check to see if you have something similar, and if you do let me know what it’s called in the comments section below.)

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Also, come back and leave a comment if you felt less stressed about picking out a Mother’s Day gift this year because you read these gift ideas. We’d love to hear from you!

–Good luck, we’re all gonna need it!

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  1. Lots of good ideas here for Mother’s day. As a mother, I am always happy to accept diamonds or expensive perfume as well!

    1. Post

      Glad you liked them! I can’t believe I forgot the diamonds and fancy perfume! Remind me to put them on next year’s list. 🙂

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