Writing the Digital Page: A Baby Boomer Blogging Adventure

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“Here I go on another adventure as I put pen to paper and prepare to enter into the unfamiliar territory of cyber space.” – My Mom, Bernadette

We’re taking a break from our “How to Invest – Safely and Smartly – During the Retirement Years” article series this week because I want to officially introduce you to my Mom, Bernadette. She will write special feature articles under the title “Writing the Digital Page: Notes from Bernadette.” This special “column” will cover various topics from the perspective of an aging parent, one with a sometimes-wild point of view and often-salty language.

 Note that I, Melanie, had to type up the following article, so when she says “pen to paper,” she means it! We are working on getting her a computer so that her column title, “Writing the Digital Page…,” is not so ironic.

I do enjoy new experiences in my life, so when my youngest daughter posed the idea of writing articles for a blog, I was curious. Truthfully, I hadn’t the faintest idea what the hell she was talking about! She tried to explain everything (sometimes impatiently), but it took my 65-years-young brain a little time to finally comprehend this newfangled mode of communication.

I enjoy writing poems and short stories for my own creative pleasure, so I figured I’d give it a try. As my daughter mentioned in our first article, I am starting to overcome my reluctance to own a cell phone and carry it around with me. Both my daughters had been begging me for years to get a cell phone in case I had an emergency while I was driving or traveling, so I finally caved.

Yes, I’d rather text than call on my cell phone, but I prefer to send a postcard or a letter if speed is not of the upmost importance (I alone practically keep the U.S. Postal service in business!). If something’s urgent, I’ll reluctantly use the cell phone, but even then I’m hoping I don’t get the voice message recording. I always feel like I have to talk really fast to get my message out before I run out of time – I don’t want to end up sounding like an auctioneer!

I have emailed a bit in the past. Not on my own computer, I don’t have one (Editor: yet…), but at my neighborhood library, with lots of assistance from the tech-savvy librarian. Bless her patience! But, honestly, I’ve come a long way in a short time in this new tech world, and it feels good to know I’ll be keeping my brain sharp by learning new things. I may even learn how to “google” something soon (?!?).

–Together, age boldly, Bernadette

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  1. Hello Bernadette and welcome to “the internet”.
    So good to see you posting here.
    Your post reminded me of the first time I first encountered an “answering machine”. I had to order some ice, and was flabberghasted when the man didn’t want to listen to me!! So I left my message with great trepidation. I waited nervously, feeling I needed to ring back and check, but knowing there was no point because I would only get the machine again. I was full of wonder when the ice actually did arrive.
    All the best with the blog.

    1. Post

      Hi Maddy!
      As you probably know, my Mom doesn’t have a computer (yet), so she asked me to thank you on her behalf! She thought your answering machine story was funny when I read it to her over the phone. 🙂

      Soon she’ll be up and running on the “interweb” because I just bought her an inexpensive laptop. We’ll get her into the 21st century, I hope… ;D

      Thanks again for the well wishes!

      –Melanie (and Bernadette)

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